• Tree Trimming

  • You will be in the right hands by choosing Woodchuck Tree Service to do all your tree service needs. Woodchuck’s professionals are experts in tree trimming, pruning, and tree topping. They have combined over 40 years of experience to groom your tree to your desire. Trimming your tree not only makes the appearance of your tree look appealing but actually it is for the safety of your home and lawn. If you feel that you are unsure if your trees or shrubs need trimming or pruning, here are some questions to ask yourself.

    • Does any part of your tree look broken, dead, or are any parts dangling?
    • Are your trees touching?
    • Do any limbs or branches dangle over your home or your plants?
    • Are any limbs or branches near any power lines?
    • Do they rub against anything?
    • Does your tree look like it has stems coming from the base? Those are called sprouts or suckers. They make your tree look more like a shrub.

    If you have any of these, it may be time for you to get your trees trimmed and/or pruned. Call us professionals at Woodchuck Tree Service to get the job done.

  • Tree Maintenance

    Tree Maintenance is essential for your tree to preserve them. Trimming and pruning trees protects you as well as your lawn. Hanging limbs or branches can be dangerous. When branches and limbs are barely holding on and high winds or a storm comes in, they can break or fall and damage whatever is beneath the tree. It is in your best interest to hire a tree expert to do the tree work for you because tree trimming and pruning is very detailed and risky. It takes a person educated in tree care to remove as safe as possible and with the right equipment.

  • Tree Trimming & Pruning

    Trimming and pruning are also beneficial to your trees life.

    If you have a rotten or dead limb or branch it can potentially spread throughout your tree. Once you’re tree is infected, it is in the best interest to have the limbs or branches removed so it does not become a hazard to its surrounding area. Pruning and trimming give a tree its full ability to maintain and produce new growth.

    A common infection for trees in our area is the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, also known as the Ash Borer Beetle.


    • Do your trees look overgrown, uneven, misshaped?
    • Do they look heavy?
    • Do your trees block the sun?
  • Tree Topping

    Tree topping is also called tree thinning or tree crowning. Let Woodchuck Tree Service professionals come and get your tree back to its best shape and health. Topping of trees literally means removing the top of the tree. It takes out the dead limbs or branches and improves the health of your tree. Topping of trees should be done to young and mature trees. When topping is done to young trees, it helps them grow more uniform. In the long run, it also prevents the tree from being infected and dangerous.

    Our goal is to make you trees more appealing by their appearance but also to make them safe for you and the surrounding area.

    One safety technique that is used if you want to keep the tree whole and the limbs are able to be saved is tree cabling or tree bracing. Cabling or bracing help stabilize the limbs that you are concerned with. Ex: if you have a limb over your house and you are worried it may fall. Cabling limits the movement in the limb or portion of the tree that you are concerned with. Since trees are a part of nature and they grow every which way; they can become too heavy or have multiple trunks. Cabling or bracing would be the only option in keeping the tree whole. Cabling and bracing is also a more affordable way to save the tree.

    Tree cabling or bracing can often be mistaken for tree stalking. Tree stalking is when a tree is anchored to the ground by rope. Tree cabling or bracing is using anchors and a steel cable to secure the tree.

    We want to make sure that every tree will be trimmed, pruned, and a topped with the best of our ability. We will make sure that all the surrounding is clear; to ensure the safety for you as our customer and for our Woodchuck Tree Service Professionals.

    Please request a free estimate by contacting us by phone, email, and through our website. We look forward to making your trees and shrubs beautiful and safe. We offer the best work and the best price.


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