• Tree Removal

  • From commercial sites to your residence, Woodchuck Tree Service professionals are educated and experienced to remove your tree. Unfortunately, sometimes we are unable to save the trees by trimming, pruning, topping, and/or cabling; so tree removal is the only option.

    Why get your entire tree removed?

    • The tree has grown in a dangerous place
    • The tree is infected or dead
    • The tree has uprooted. Meaning the roots of the trees was damaged and now the tree is lying on your lawn. This often happens in the summer months when the soil becomes very saturated.
    • The tree is located close to the house or a structure. This often means that the tree roots are growing and damaging structures. Ex; if a tree is too close to a house the roots can and will damage the foundation.
  • The Tree Removal Process

    The tree removal process is very dangerous; it takes very skilled professionals, like Woodchucks, to get the work done safely and efficiently. We use a large variety of equipment to remove the tree, limbs, branches, and stumps. This job does not just include a chain saw and ladder. From a claw truck, bucket truck, climbing gear, claw trailer, wood chipper, a skid-steer, and many other small pieces of equipment. We have everything to get the job done safe, efficient, and to keep your lawn looking great.

    Many of our customers prefer not to have all the wood and branches during the tree removal process. They may not have the space for it. Another one of our services includes hauling the wood away and also using our wood chipper to chip all the branches which then turns them into wood chips. Since, colored mulch is in high demand, coming soon to Woodchuck Tree Service will be colored mulch made in house.

  • Crane Services

    Woodchuck Tree Service offers tree removal using a crane. This may be necessary for an extra-large tree, or for a tree that is in a tight spot where our bucket truck will not be able to be used for the job. Crane usage may be the safest way to remove the tree if there are structures below; house, buildings, etc. Woodchuck Tree Service does not own a crane but we are able to rent one anytime for your needs.

    Tree Removal with a crane will be fairly more expensive than a tree removal with a bucket truck or lift. A crane operator will be hired along with the crane. The operator and the one of Woodchuck Tree Services tree climbers will look over the tree to figure out the best approach in removing it. The operator and tree climber will communicate during the whole process.

    The tree will be removed by multiple sections. Each section of the tree is tied to the crane with a rope and then the operator will then lift the section of the tree and set it aside. Using a crane is less likely to damage your yard or anything below the tree because the tree is not slammed to the ground. The crane sets each section of the tree down. This process is repeated until the tree is removed.

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