• Stump Grinding and Removal

  • Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals have three different stump grinding machines to get your stump(s) removed the right way and without any damage to your property.

    A stump grinder is a machine with sharp teeth like blades, also known as carbide tips. The blades then grind out the stump and roots, and makes little wood chips. The stump gets ground out to 4-6 inches below the soil surface. The stump has to be removed to a certain depth in order for proper growth if soil is laid and new grass or sod is planted. If a customer plans to plant a new tree where the stump was removed, it must be ground out to at least 24 inches deep in order for the new tree to grow.

    Woodchuck Tree Service has a portable stump grinder. The portable stump grinder is meant for smaller stumps. This machine is small enough to fit through a 36 inch gate.

    We also have a track stump grinder. This is a large machine meant for large stumps. This machine is also used for easy to remove stumps.

    Our third stump grinder is a tow behind stump grinder. This is their most used stump grinder. It is used for any average size stumps that are in common places.


  • Why Grind your Stumps

    Most of our customers prefer stump grinding as an additional service to make their lawn more appealing or they want new grass or a tree planted where the stump was.

    • Stumps make your lawn look less appealing
    • Stumps can get in the way for mowing
    • Stumps can become rotten.
    • Stumps can also be a place for animals to make nests.

    Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals can haul away the wood chips after the stump is ground out. They can also fill the hole with fresh soil and plant grass seed.

  • Hazards

  • Surface Roots

    Surface roots are the roots of the tree that you can see on the surface. Surface roots can be a hazard if they aren’t removed, they put you at risk for tripping over and they are difficult to mow around. Surface roots can be ground out with a stump grinder but it is expensive and one of Woodchuck’s professionals will have to be very precise when removing. Just like a regular stump grinder, surface roots will be ground 6 inches below the surface; this will make sure it is safe and removed properly.

  • Other Hazards

    Stump grinding and removal is available in most cases. Sometimes there are hazards in the stump or around the stump.

    • If there is anything in the stump
    • Is the stump in or around a fence post?
    • Is the stump too close to landscaping?
    • Is the stump in heavy rocks?



  • If any of these cases arise, stump grinding and removal may not be available.

    Most stump grinding and removal service have an additional fee on top of the tree removal. Please make sure if you want your stump removed to mention it on our free estimate!

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