• Snow Removal & Plowing

  • Snow Removal Services

    Winter months can be long and cold, Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals offer 24 hour snow removal services. Our professionals are here to help clear the snow for you at your home or at your business.

    We offer:

    • Residential snow plowing
    • Commercial snow plowing
    • Shoveling
    • Snow blowing
    • Residential salt spreading
    • Commercial salt spreading
    • Snow moving- if the area has multiple snow falls and there is nowhere to put the snow after plowing, Woodchuck Tree Service offers snow removal from your site. This usually includes using a skid steer and a dump truck.
  • Sometimes our area can accumulate snow rather quickly, it can be heavy and wet, when those conditions occur it can be dangerous and hard on your body to shovel the snow yourself, especially when there is multiple inches on the ground.

    Woodchuck Tree Service has a few snow plow trucks to help keep your driveway, parking lot, and walkway clear during the snowfall and winter months.

    Slippery lots are hazardous to you and your business, as well as a huge liability, Woodchuck Tree Service offers automatic enrollment for their snow plow accounts. This means for our automatic accounts, Woodchuck Tree Service Professionals will be at your door when the snow starts falling. Woodchuck Tree service also offers on demand snow removal so whenever you call, the professionals will be there! Snow removal starts at 1 inch of snow. Most popular removal is when 2 inches of snow is on the ground. Since, they offer 24 hour snow removal services; whenever you call our guys will be there. Woodchuck Tree service also has customers who use snow removal during the snow storms that accumulate many inches at once.

    Unfortunately, this area also receives ice storms. Woodchuck Tree service and professionals have a salt spreader that attaches on to their truck for your driveway or parking lots, they also have one for your sidewalks and walkways.

    Woodchuck Tree Service and professional know how hazardous snow and ice conditions can be; they are here to keep everyone safe!

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