• Lot and Brush Clearing

  • Whether it’s to amplify your view by thinning out your trees, clearing a lot to build your home, or clearing to add-on to your home, or for your business; Woodchuck Tree service and our professionals are the guys for you. Lot clearing is very dangerous. It is very important for the work to be done the right way to ensure the safety of everyone around.

  • Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals have a wide variety of equipment that is used to properly take down any trees or to clear away any brush. One of their most valuable pieces of equipment in lot and brush clearing is our skid-steer. Woodchuck and their professionals have many attachments for their skid-steer; most popular for this type of job is a brush hog attachment. We often use a grapple attachment to pick up and move around any logs.

    Lot clearing typically includes taking down any trees or trimming any limbs in the way, chipping away the branches and turning them into wood chips, and the removing of any or all stumps.

    Not only do Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals remove the trees and stumps, and clear away the brush, they also remove shrubs and weeds. Weeds and shrubs have to be removed properly with the roots taken out to assure they will not have regrowth.

    Woodchuck Tree Service professionals are here to enhance your property and help clear the way for your dreams. We specialize in residential and commercial needs.

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