• Loves Park IL Very Best Commercial Lawn Care

  • Loves Park IL Very Best Commercial Lawn Care

    About Woodchuck Tree Service

    Woodchuck Tree Service is actually a well-known business owned by a family and it has served greater Rockford area for more than thirty years. Originally founded as a hobby, tree services swiftly turned in to a full-time passion. We have insured specialists who always take pride in their work. They also treat every lawn, tree and job-site like it’s their own yard.

    You’re the home owner and the landlord so you spend lots of time and money to make sure that your house is taken care of. If you can invest in Woodchuck Tree Services, we can guarantee that we will maintain your trees, lawn and your house will look more appealing.

    Lawn Care Service Garden Prairie IL

    Professional Tree Removal Services

    Commercial properties and homes are our target and we have experts that could properly eliminate your tree. There are instances when we will not be able to save the trees through trimming, pruning, topping, and/or cabling so we can only remove it.

    What are some reasons to have an entire tree removed?

    – The tree has grown in a harmful place.

    – The tree is infected or dead.

    – The tree was uprooted. It means that the roots of the trees were damaged and the tree is lying on the lawn. This usually happens in the summer months when the soil becomes very saturated.

    – The tree is located close to the house or a structure. It only implies that the tree is actually expanding while damaging the house or structures.

    The Process Of Removing The Tree

    You’ll have to understand that removing a tree is very harmful and you need experts to finish the work correctly. We are using different equipment to take out the tree, branches, limbs and stumps and it does not only include a chain saw and ladder.

    We will use a claw truck, climbing gear, claw trailer, wood chipper, skid-steer and others to guarantee that the job can be done efficiently.

    If the clients don’t wish to have the wood and branches during the procedure of removal, we can remove the wood and use our wood chipper to cut the branches to smaller chips.

    Crane Services

    There are jobs that will include super large trees or trees which are situated in a tight spot and the use of crane could be required. Crane usage can be a safe way to remove the tree if there are some structures below it. We will help accommodate this kind of job and guarantee that the hardest to remove trees may be removed.

    The tree can be removed by multiple sections and every section of the tree will be tied to the crane. The operator will then lift the section of the tree and set it aside.

    Using a crane won’t damage your yard and anything below the tree because it will not be slammed to the ground. The crane will be setting each section of the tree down.

    Emergency Tree Removal – Disaster Clean Up

    Bad weather could cause lots of issues, especially if you have a lot of trees in your yard. The high rate of wind, the saturation of the soil as well as the ice or snow will absolutely cause issues to you. When the trees or branches fall to your house, we have specialists who could be able to manage this and reduce the damage to your property. In case you have an emergency situation, we are here to help you and we partnered with restoration and insurance firms to take care of this situation so do not think twice to consider Emergency Tree Service in Creston IL.

    Stump Grinding And Removal

    We are supplying 3 different stump grinding machines that might help remove the stump in your yard without damaging the property so you have to consider Stump Grinding service in Mount Morris IL. A stump grinder is really a machine with sharp teeth like blades, which is referred to as carbide tips. The blades will grind the stump out and roots and make wood chips. The stump will be grounded up to 4 to 6 inches below the surface since it has to be removed to a certain depth for it to grow properly. If a customer wants to plant a new tree where the stump was taken out, it should be ground out at least 24 inches deep.

    We’ve got a portable stump grinder for smaller stumps and it may fit through a 36 inch gate. We also have a track stump grinder for larger stumps and it’s used for easy to eliminate stumps. Our most-used grinder is the tow behind stump grinder that will be used for average size stumps that are situated in common areas.

    Snow Plowing And Removal

    Winter season in Illinois can be long and very cold so we can provide 24 hour Snow Plowing services in Eleroy IL. We always have experts on standby to clear the snow for you in your house or at your business area. We are offering a wide range of services including residential and commercial snow plowing, shoveling, snow blowing, residential and commercial salt spreading and snow removal.

    The area will be able to accumulate snow swiftly and it could be wet and heavy and once these situations happen, it is going to be very hazardous to do the job by yourself. We have different snow plow trucks that might clear the driveway, parking lot and walk way during winter months. Slippery lots can be quite dangerous to you and your company so we can provide automatic enrollment for our snow plow accounts. It means that we are going to certainly be at your door straight away based on the snow fall.

    We can provide you on demand snow removal so when you need it, the specialists can be there to help. Snow removal is important if the snow is actually 2 inches above ground and Woodchuck Tree service can offer the services that you’re searching for. The only problem is that the area usually gets ice storms, but we have some salt spreaders attached to our trucks made for parking lots and driveway. Woodchuck Tree service already knows that snow and ice conditions can be very tough so we can help you with this.

    Lawn Care Services

    Woodchuck Tree Service also provides Lawn Care Service and they use commercial lawn care equipment. We can place you on a mowing schedule weekly so you will not need to be worried since your yard will be maintained. The schedule will begin during spring and it would end when the grass becomes dormant. If we mow the grass, we can invariably ensure that the blades in our mowers are sharp and the blades are the right height. If the blades are too low, the grass will absolutely be cut too short and it might die. After we mow your lawn, they will also eliminate weeds around the house, landscape and ensure that the grass is equal in height.

    For an additional charge, we can edge near your sidewalk, driveway or around the landscaping to create crisp and clean edges. We will be able to trim the shrubs and bushes and when the tasks are complete, they are going to eliminate the excess grass from the driveway and make certain that your lawn is clean.

    Spring and Fall Yard Work

    Among the more frequent requests from clients is to actually help with the yard clean up during the spring and fall. During spring after the snow melted, you will certainly see that the lawn appears gloomy. You may call us straight away to deal with this problem because our professionals will remove leaves, brush piles, branches and debris from the lawn. Through the fall, it’ll actually be enough time to have your yard cleaned up and ready for spring. Woodchuck Tree Service will make sure that the leaves can be cleaned and the debris can also be removed. Our guys will search for any damaged or hazardous limbs.

    To be sure that the gutters will have proper drainage, it’s recommended to clean your gutters twice a year. Blockages in the gutters can cause ruin to your siding and to the other parts of the house. When the gutters are blocked, it’ll show that the water will overflow from the top of the gutter and spill to the side of your home. Woodchuck can provide colored mulch since it may make your landscaping throughout the house and trees look fantastic and it may hold moisture on your plants.

    Our mulch is actually house made and it is created from local trees. We can absolutely offer pick-up and delivery services depending on your preference. You could call us when you need lawn care. When there is a service that you actually want or need and we do not provide it, you may just ask us. We are going to be checking if we will offer your needs since we want to work for you. We are going to offer free estimates on our services and we provide discounts if you’ll consider multiple services.

    Lot and Brush Cleaning

    If you need to amplify your view by thinning out the trees, clearing a lot to develop your house, clearing to add on to your home or business, Woodchuck tree service may help you. Lot clearing typically includes taking down any trees or trimming any limbs in the way, chipping away the branches and turning them into wood chips, and the removing of any or all stumps. Lot clearing is really hazardous and it is important for the work to be done quickly so everyone can be safe and sound.

    Woodchuck Tree Service and our specialists have plenty of equipment used to effectively take down trees or clear any brush. With regards to lot and brush clearing, our skid-steer is the most important. We have plenty of attachments for our skid-steer the most popular one is a brush hog attachment. We’re using a grapple attachment in order to pick up and move logs.

    We remove the trees and stumps and we could also clear the brush and weeds. Shrubs and weeds have to be removed appropriately with the roots taken out to ensure they will not have regrowth.

    Firewood for Sale

    Are you looking for firewood for sale during a cold night or day? Do you would like to use your stove to be able to keep the house warm? You do not need to worry since Woodchuck Tree Service is here to help you.

    We may offer premium mixed hardwood that includes ash and oak and they have been seasoned for over a year. Hard woods are definitely the best for fires since they can melt away for a long time. Dry wood is not smoky as well so it is perfect for any household.

    Woodchuck Tree Service can offer the best firewood pieces that you need. We may offer any wood size that you want.

    We offer many sizes of firewood bundles.

    – Wheelbarrow loads: An average size wheelbarrow ranging from 2-3 cubic feet.

    – Pick-up truck loads: We base our pick-up truck load off of a regular bed size which is approximately 6.5 feet long.

    – Face Cord: A face cord is 4 feet tall by 8 feet long.

    – Full Cord: A full cord of wood is typically 3 face cords.

    – Specialty size: We provide any size load of firewood you may need. Please request a special size when inquiring about firewood. Prices will vary.

    We have the best professionals which will choose the wood for you and we’re going to supply it stacked if you’d like.

    Rockford, Illinois

    Our family owned business is operated out Rockford, Illinois.

    We proudly serve the greater Rockford area in Northern Illinois, including Machesney park, South Beloit, Roscoe, Rockton, Pecatonica, Byron, Shirland, New Milford, Durand, Cherry Valley, Loves Park, Stillman Valley, Oregon, Roscoe, and Seward.

    We’re focused to keeping our company (and as a result our jobs) local. Our children actually went to school in Winnebago County so we’re lifelong residents.

    It’s a pleasure to serve our community and our neighbors, and something we plan on doing for many years to come.

    Call Woodchuck Tree Service nowadays at (815) 978-2565.