• Lawn Care Services

  • New to Woodchuck Tree Service is lawn care. Woodchuck and professionals want you to have a picture perfect lawn. Call Woodchuck Tree Service for all your lawn care needs in the Greater Rockford area.

    Specializing in:

    • Mowing
    • Weed whacking and weed removal
    • Edging
    • Tree, Shrub, and Bush trimming
    • Seasonal clean up
    • Gutter Cleaning
  • Woodchuck Tree Service and professionals want you to have the most appealing lawn. We use commercial lawn care equipment. Woodchuck Tree Service will put you on a mowing schedule every week so you never have to worry if your yard will be maintained. Scheduling starts in the spring and usually ends when the grass becomes dormant.

    When mowing Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals make sure each week that the blades on their mowers are sharp and the height of the blades are set at the best height. Sometimes if the blades are set to low and the grass is cut to short, it will turn brown and be dead. Our goal is for you to have the most green and soft grass.

    After a Woodchuck Tree Service professional mows your lawn, they will weed whack around your home, landscaping, and any hard to reach area to ensure that your grass is equal height throughout your lawn. Upon request and for an additional charge the professionals can edge near your driveway, your sidewalk, or around your landscaping to make clean crisp edges. They can also trim your shrubs and bushes. When these tasks are completed, the Woodchuck professional will blow off any excess grass in your driveway or on your side walk, your lawn will look immaculate when they are finished.

    Since Woodchuck Tree Service is big on tree care, our professionals will make sure that your trees will are always at optimal health during each mowing service. We will look for any damaged, dead, or dangling limbs. If a Woodchuck Tree Service professional notices any hazards during their time at your home, you will be notified right way. Woodchuck Tree Service will work with you to make sure all surroundings are always safe.

  • Spring & Fall Yard Work

    One popular request from our customers is help with yard clean up during spring and fall. In the spring, after the snow is melted, you may notice your lawn appears gloomy. Call the guys at Woodchuck Tree Service to brighten your yard. Our professionals will remove any leaves, branches, brush piles, and any debris that your lawn accumulated over the fall and winter months.

    During the fall is a great time to have your yard cleared and ready for spring. Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals will rake and clean up leaves, and pick up any debris. Our guys will look around for any damaged or dangerous limbs. Spring and fall clean up by Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals will not only make your lawn look great but will keep your yard safe.

    It is great to use Woodchuck Tree Service for all your tree and lawn needs. To ensure your gutters have proper drainage, it is recommended that twice a year; your gutters are clean from all leaves and debris. Blocks in your gutters could cause damage your siding and other parts of your home. When gutters are blocked it means that the water is overflowing from the tops of the gutters, spilling out on to the side of your home. In worst case scenario this could cause leaks, especially if you have cracks in the foundation of your home. Woodchuck’s Professionals are here to keep your gutters clear!

    Coming soon, in 2019, is colored mulch. Since, this is a popular demand and Woodchuck Tree Service wants to make sure their customers can rely on them for their tree and lawn needs. Mulch makes your landscaping around your home and trees look great, but actually, mulch holds moisture around your plants. Woodchuck Tree Service house made and all from local trees. We will offer pick-up and delivery services for our customers. You tell us how much mulch you need and we will have it for you. Woodchuck Tree Service mulch services will provide you with beautifully colored mulch at the best price, since the mulch will be made in house.

    Please call Woodchuck Tree Service for all your lawn care needs. If there is a service you want or need and we don’t offer it, just ask! We will see if we can do it, we want to work for you! We offer free estimates on all of our services. We also offer discounts if you have multiple services with us!

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