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  • Do you want to curl up next to your fireplace on this cold blustery day? Do you want to use your wood stove to keep your house warm? Do you want to lounge around a campfire? Woodchuck Tree Service has the firewood for you.

    We offer premium mixed hardwoods mostly containing ash and oak that have been seasoned for approximately one year or longer. Hard woods are great for fires because of the length of time they can burn for. What does seasoned mean? Seasoned means from the time the wood was cut and set out to dry. Dry wood is easier to start a fire with. Dry would is less likely to be smoky, which is good for anyone with a health condition.

    Woodchuck Tree Service’s firewood is cut to approximately 16 inches in length. Firewood pieces will not all be 100% exact in size but all pieces should be similar and easy to handle.

    Woodchuck Tree Service also provides firewood or wood for your wood burning stove. Some are small and indoors but they have seen many that are outdoors and very large. We will offer any size wood that you need to keep you warm during the winter months. We will also provide you with any size or type of wood you may need for your camp fire whether it is small or large.


  • Woodchuck Tree Service has many sizes of firewood bundles.

    • Wheelbarrow loads. Wheelbarrow loads an average size wheelbarrow ranging from 2-3 cubic feet.
    • Pick-up truck loads. Woodchuck Tree Service bases their pick-up truck load off of a standard bed size which is approximately 6.5 feet long.
    • Face Cord. A face cord of wood is 4 foot tall by 8 foot long.
    • Full Cord. A full cord of wood typically is 3 face cords.
    • Specialty size. Woodchuck Tree Service offers any size load of firewood you may need. Please request a special size when inquiring about firewood. The prices will vary.

    Woodchuck Tree Service and our professionals will hand pick the wood for you. We will deliver the firewood for you and if you prefer to have your wood stack, please request this and there may be an additional charge.

    Please call to inquire about your firewood needs. Woodchuck Tree Service offers same day delivery in most cases. This can be affected by availability and weather. Furthermore, Woodchuck Tree Service offers 100% customer satisfaction in firewood. Not happy with your load of wood, call and our team professionals will make it right with you!

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