• Emergency Tree Service

  • It is certain that weather is not predictable, and when storms occur they can bring along a headache. Whether it is a high rate of wind, the soil being too saturated, ice or snow weighing down limbs during the winter causing them to break, Woodchuck’s professionals are here to take your headache away. When trees, limbs, or branches fall on your home or property, our professionals will be at your door as soon as possible to ensure your home and property are safe again. We are here for any of your tree emergency needs. Woodchuck Tree Service also works with many restoration and insurance companies to help you if this unfortunate situation happens for you.

    It is difficult for us to give you an exact estimate over the phone, through a picture, or description because there are a lot of variables that come in throughout the estimate.

    • How accessible is the tree?
    • How large in diameter?
    • How tall is the tree?
    • Is the tree near a house?
    • Is the tree near powerlines?
    • Is the tree near other trees?
    • Are there any plants beneath the tree?
    • What equipment will be needed?
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